Goals & Principles

Write with Purpose

Write with a purpose. Everything you write should clearly serve a mission-oriented goal. SBA content should help Americans start, build, and grow businesses.

Before you write or edit, ask yourself two questions: “What am I asking the reader to do?” and “How does that help them start, build, or grow their business?”

You’ll be tempted to produce content meant only to “provide information.” Be skeptical! Some content is meant to be purely informational (e.g. legally required disclosures), but the majority of content should encourage specific actions that support the SBA’s mission.

Write with Style

Follow these good content principles in everything you write. These principles are the elements of style.

  • Start with reader needs.

  • Make it simple.

  • Be inclusive.

  • Talk like a human.

  • Be concise.

Not sure what these mean? Go to https://pages.18f.gov/content-guide/content-principles/ for more.